Rain or shine, this all-weather shade remains strong and vibrant
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Whether you need to have protection from rain or cover your patio furniture from sun damage, you need a solution that can handle all kinds of weather challenges. Shade netting is a practical solution to a common obstacle: the need for a semi-permanent structure that offers outdoor protection and cover. Knittex’s DriZ keeps your belongings dry from drizzle.

DriZ (pronounced “zee”, not “zed”), is an all-weather shade cover that can be used commercially as well as for domestic purposes. Netting can be used in the construction of carports, canopies, or patio coverings. It is also useful for structures at sports facilities and venues.

Life under DriZ is colourful – and dry!

The range consists of a variety of colours that can easily add to the atmosphere of your canopy or roof structure. You can, for example, choose a colour such as desert sand that blends in with a similar wall colour, or choose a plethora of colours to stand out on purpose!

You can view the list of covers here: https://www.knittex.co.za/download/kt-swatches-driz.pdf

Thanks to the array of colours in the DriZ range, your shade net is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What makes the textile so popular is that, thanks to the laminated coating, it is water-resistant. This coating ensures that anything covered by the shade net remains protected and dry in rainy weather. Additionally, the special layer of plastic is UV-protective, making the covering safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

It is important to note that when DriZ is erected on a structure, the underside (the side showing towards the ground), is the smooth side with the coating. The textured side will look towards the sky.

There is a wide range of colour options available. Here, the red fabric is coated with a thin layer of plastic that makes it waterproof.

The technicalities of a strong, waterproof shade net

Knittex has refined the process of laminating their quality textiles with a thin layer of plastic by melting a clear polymer on to the coloured net. This process enhances the strength of the net.

DriZ has a breaking force of approximately 616 N in the warp and 1143 N in the weft. The tear strength on a 50 mm sample strip is at minimum 50 kilogram-force in the warp and 120 kilogram-force in the weft. On top of that, it has a burst pressure resistance of a minimum of 250 kPa through a 200mm opening.

The coated shade net after it has undergone the process.

Knittex’s shade fabric is produced from high-density polyethene that is SATAS Quality approved. The manufacturer has developed a range of stringent tests that guarantee the consistent quality and durability of their products.

Standard lengths available are 33 m x 3 m rolls. Where necessary, shorter lengths can be arranged.

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