National Womens Day

We know that some of you men think that every day is womans day but the ladies would disagree.  We do however have a day especially created to celebrate all the wives, mothers, sister and daughters.  

National womens day was embraced by the ladies at MultiKnit with different activities taking place at each of the divisions.

Sorry gents!

Our blood is Green
Puma’s Rugby – Mbombela Stadium

Some of the avid rugby supporters among us took their families to the Mbombela stadium to support the PUMA’s when they played the Sharks.

Spring Day at Sakpro

Spring day 2023 dawned as a bright and sunny day which heralded the start of spring.

The Sakpro ladies once again did not disappoint and donned their flowery tops and headpieces as only they can, cupcakes were enjoyed and everybody celebrated the end of winter.