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About Knittex

Knittex was established in 1964 and is known as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of knitted synthetic fabrics / shade net used in the agricultural, domestic (i.e. nursery shade cloth, knitted shade cloth, garden windbreak netting, shading nets), industrial (i.e. greenhouse netting), civil and mining (i.e. windbreak nets, barrier nets, safety barrier netting) industries.

Knittex has built up a reputation for reliability and quality in all the markets it serves as a result of the expertise of a well-established sales team, with unrivalled product knowledge and an in-depth understanding of its application.

Knittex Global Standards

Every Knittex product has been made to a very high standard, using the best pigments, High Density Polyethylene and ultra violet inhibitors available. Rigorous burst, tear, shade and other tests are carried out to meet stringent standards set out and regulated by various global Standards Providers such as the SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Service), AS (The Australian Standards), Cal Fire (The Californian State Fire Marshal) and ASTM International (The American Society of Testing and Materials).

As one of Southern Africa’s longest established suppliers of industrial and decorative shade netting, Knittex has built up a reputation for reliability and quality in the agricultural, industrial, commercial, mining and civil markets that it serves.

This reputation is due to the expertise of its sales staff, with their unrivalled product knowledge and in-depth understanding of its application and the stringent quality testing that every Knittex product undergoes.

Rigorous burst, tear and shade tests are carried out to meet stringent standards set by global Standards Providers. This ensures all Knittex products meet the highest set standards when protecting your fruit, vegetables, flowers, crops, animals, boats, cars, caravans, machinery and equipment against the ravages of sun, wind and hail.

All Knittex products are made to exact specifications and can be supplied stentered or unstentered depending on the application and client needs.

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